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Meet Nucleus 7 - the world's first and only cochlear implant sound processor that's Made for iPhone.1

Our smallest and lightest2 behind-the-ear hearing solution combines comfort and wearability with proven hearing performance.3

Nucleus 7 - Made for iPhone

Nucleus 7 is the world's first and only Made for iPhone cochlear implant sound processor1

Thanks to Made for iPhone compatibility, you can connect to the people you love as you stream phone calls, video, music and entertainment directly to your Nucleus 7 Sound Processor.

Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad

Take control with the Nucleus Smart App4

Designed specifically for the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor, the Nucleus Smart App allows you to adjust your settings across a range of different environments to help you always hear your best.

You can also monitor the status of your equipment and battery life, and for added reassurance you can locate a missing sound processor - without carrying an additional remote control.

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Nucleus 7 - the smallest and lightest behind-the-ear processor

At 20% smaller than a major competitor, Nucleus 7 is the smallest and lightest2 behind-the-ear Sound Processor available today.

Nucleus 7 - Proven to optimise hearing perfromance

Proven to optimise hearing performance

From work to school to home, your Nucleus 7 Sound Processor automatically adjusts to your environment, so you can be confident that you're hearing your best wherever you are.3

The Nucleus 7 Sound processor features SmartSound® iQ with SCAN, which is designed to automatically make hundreds of decisions to optimise your hearing performance every day, so that you don't have to.

A richer bimodal hearing experience

A richer bimodal hearing experience

With a Nucleus 7 Sound Processor and a compatible Made for iPhone hearing aid5, you can control and stream sound directly to both ears like never before for a richer hearing experience.

Nucleus 7 device - white

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